Making Progress!

My learning project has been going well and I have achieved my goal that I made last week, which was being able to speak/write an introduction to my biography. I am now able to introduce myself, my age and the faculty that I am in at the University of Regina. Another blogger recommended that I download the google translator app to help with my learning project and it has been very beneficial to my learning. If anyone would like to start learning a new language or even just a few words or sentences, I highly recommend they do the same. Here is a link to the google translate webpage if you are unable to download the app!


My name is Parker McCormick, I am twenty years old. I am in the faculty of education at the University of Regina


Je m’appelle Parker McCormick, j’ai vingt ans. Je suis à la faculté d’éducation de l’Université de Regina

This is a good start but I know I have much more to learn. Another good source that has helped me with learning French is a website I found which helps you understand how to use punctuation in French, it is similar to English but has a few differences that you need to know in order to speak/write fluently.

For next week, my goal is to be able to add on to my biography by introducing my family members and their age. I will also provide a voice recording of myself introducing what I learned this week, as well as next week’s goal.

Here is my introduction to my biography that I wrote down, the words written in red above are how to pronounce these words as many of the words in French do not sound like the way they are written:




My RSS Reader Experience

Hey everyone! Feedly has been a great RSS reader for me since signing up and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay up to date with what’s going on in our world today. I have followed many helpful and entertaining sources and placed them into two separate categories; Education and Entertainment. My education category consists of sources that post helpful teaching tips, education news around the world and TED-Ed talks, which is people speaking about education experiences or knowledge that they have and sharing it with everybody. My entertainment category consists of sources that post about music, sports and fashion, three of my passions/hobbies that I like to stay up to date with. I categorized these sources into two because my education category is helpful for school and being a future educator, while my entertainment category is solely for my interests and does not impact my teaching practices. An education source that I am very interested and enjoy is “Education Week”, they post several times a day and most of the time it is a topic that catches my eye and contains valuable information. An entertainment source that I recommend following if you are a football fan would be “Bleacher Report – NFL”, they post what is happening on the football field, as well as the heartwarming acts that these players perform off of the field.

Here is a look at my Feedly Home Page! It is super easy to find sources, just search any key word such as “education” or “sports” and all of the top sources will appear for you to follow.


Learning a New Language (Francais)

For my learning project, I will be learning the basics of french with my end goal of being able to speak/write a detailed biography about myself as well as hold a conversation with another person in this language. I have not been taught French since elementary school and believe that if I am able to learn this language it will be a valuable asset for my future as an educator as well as being able to travel and communicate in another language.

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I have found several resources so far that will help me along the way with learning this new language. My girlfriend is bilingual as well and speaks both English and French so I am lucky enough to have her as a mentor for me.

My goal for next week is to be able to introduce my name, my faculty and my age fluently, which is much harder than it seems. By the end of the semester, my goal is that I will be able to speak/write a biography about myself fluently in great detail and be able to hold a conversation in french with another person. I am very excited to see my progress over the next few months and hope my interest in this language continues to increase so much that I will continue to learn it and become bilingual myself.

Introducing Myself!

Hey everyone! My name is Parker McCormick and I am in my second year at the University of Regina in the middle-years education faculty. I was born and raised in Regina and grew up playing hockey and football. I am very passionate about music and love almost all genres. I hope to one day coach a hockey or football team myself as well as be a middle-years educator. I don’t have much experience with educational technology but am looking forward to gaining knowledge this semester in EDTC 300. I did not have a blog prior to this class but I have followed many sport and music blogs for years now. I think that having a blog for myself now will be an awesome experience and valuable for my future as an educator.

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I have created a twitter account as well, which will present my journey through EDTC 300 as well as the rest of my education career and encourage you to give me a follow!