Learning a New Language (Francais)

For my learning project, I will be learning the basics of french with my end goal of being able to speak/write a detailed biography about myself as well as hold a conversation with another person in this language. I have not been taught French since elementary school and believe that if I am able to learn this language it will be a valuable asset for my future as an educator as well as being able to travel and communicate in another language.

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I have found several resources so far that will help me along the way with learning this new language. My girlfriend is bilingual as well and speaks both English and French so I am lucky enough to have her as a mentor for me.

My goal for next week is to be able to introduce my name, my faculty and my age fluently, which is much harder than it seems. By the end of the semester, my goal is that I will be able to speak/write a biography about myself fluently in great detail and be able to hold a conversation in french with another person. I am very excited to see my progress over the next few months and hope my interest in this language continues to increase so much that I will continue to learn it and become bilingual myself.


6 thoughts on “Learning a New Language (Francais)

  1. I took French Immersion in Elementary School, but have lost much of my knowledge since. I actually downloaded an app yesterday and am using it to relearn the language now. Good luck!

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  2. Bonjour Parker!
    I also took French in elementary school but have lost most of my vocabulary besides for some common everyday words. Props to you for taking the learning project as an opportunity to rebuild your French language skills as I agree that it will be a useful skill for you to have as an educator! I look forward to following you along your learning journey. Bonne chance

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  3. Hey Parker!
    I haven’t taken French since Grade 9 so I may not be the most helpful if you have any questions about it. But, I am familiar with computer programs and video editing so if you need help videoing I will definitely be able to lend a hand with that. Also, on your blog, you may want to include a photo of yourself so people know what you look like. Other than that, great start on the blog and great choice on your self-taught lesson.
    – Jayden

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  4. What a great learning project idea for a future teacher! I’m sure this will help you connect to the struggles of new languages with new coming students one day. I took French all throughout high school so I may be able to help if needed with common phrases and verb tenses. My tips would be to download the google translate app (it was a life saver for me) and read children’s book in French like le petit prince. As someone who loves to read books this helped me the most to advance my French In high school. Good luck, can’t wait to see your progress!

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