Introducing Myself!

Hey everyone! My name is Parker McCormick and I am in my second year at the University of Regina in the middle-years education faculty. I was born and raised in Regina and grew up playing hockey and football. I am very passionate about music and love almost all genres. I hope to one day coach a hockey or football team myself as well as be a middle-years educator. I don’t have much experience with educational technology but am looking forward to gaining knowledge this semester in EDTC 300. I did not have a blog prior to this class but I have followed many sport and music blogs for years now. I think that having a blog for myself now will be an awesome experience and valuable for my future as an educator.

Rawpixel Ltd Flickr via Compfight cc

I have created a twitter account as well, which will present my journey through EDTC 300 as well as the rest of my education career and encourage you to give me a follow!




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