My RSS Reader Experience

Hey everyone! Feedly has been a great RSS reader for me since signing up and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay up to date with what’s going on in our world today. I have followed many helpful and entertaining sources and placed them into two separate categories; Education and Entertainment. My education category consists of sources that post helpful teaching tips, education news around the world and TED-Ed talks, which is people speaking about education experiences or knowledge that they have and sharing it with everybody. My entertainment category consists of sources that post about music, sports and fashion, three of my passions/hobbies that I like to stay up to date with. I categorized these sources into two because my education category is helpful for school and being a future educator, while my entertainment category is solely for my interests and does not impact my teaching practices. An education source that I am very interested and enjoy is “Education Week”, they post several times a day and most of the time it is a topic that catches my eye and contains valuable information. An entertainment source that I recommend following if you are a football fan would be “Bleacher Report – NFL”, they post what is happening on the football field, as well as the heartwarming acts that these players perform off of the field.

Here is a look at my Feedly Home Page! It is super easy to find sources, just search any key word such as “education” or “sports” and all of the top sources will appear for you to follow.



3 thoughts on “My RSS Reader Experience

  1. Hey Parker,
    You seem to have a good grip with Feedly. Just one question, have you linked your peers’ blogs to Feedly? It makes reading them and keeping up to date with your peers so easy as it appears regularly on your feed. To do this, simply type in the URL for the EDTC Bloghub and follow!
    – Jayden


  2. Hi Parker,
    Glad to hear you have discovered the wonders of Feedly, definitely helpful for finding great articles related to both education and our personal interests. Have you tried sharing the articles you find on Feedly on your twitter account? Feedly makes it super simple which is one of my favourite parts about the platform. Some advice for your future weekly blogs – try to come up with original titles, helps to grasp your reader’s attention. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the game tonight, have a great week!
    – Kendall

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