Presenting My Family

My learning project has been difficult, but also very interesting and I have managed to stay up to date with my weekly goals and achieve them. My goal for this week was to add on to my biography by presenting my family members and their ages, as well as provide a voice recording of what I have learned to say so far regarding my biography. Below I will state what I am writing/speaking in english for everyone to see as well as post my written biography and my voice recording. I was unable to add a voice recording right in to this post so I have posted it in a word document that you will be able to click on and go listen to. Hope everyone enjoys!


My family consists of four people. My mother Shara who is 50, father Mark who is 50, sister Morgan who is 23 and my dog Bailey who is 10.

This weeks learnings begin with the third sentence.

Biography (Week 3) – Voice Recording

I have been finding many useful resources and received plenty of positive feedback and ideas of other resources that may be useful to me. A couple classmates recommended that I use Duolingo and it has helped me a ton with the numbers in French, as well as being able to write/speak a fluent sentence, since google translate can sometimes be faulty and not provide you with fluent answers. I will provide a link below for anyone that wants to give it a look and maybe begin to learn a new language themselves!

My goal for next week is to write/speak about my activities and hobbies I had growing up and still have today such as; hockey, football, music and video games.



4 thoughts on “Presenting My Family

  1. That’s awesome your managing to stay up to date on your goals! With midterms in full swing I’m struggling. You’re written French looks great! I had some trouble with the audio though, but it could of just bemy device acting up.

    Good to know that Duolingo works better than Google Translate. Good luck with next weeks goal!

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  2. Hey Parker. Awesome job so far. French is a hard language to learn, but it looks like you are catching on pretty quick! Also, I love that you wrote the pronunciation of the words in red – that is a super helpful technique as so many words do not sound how they look. Keep it up, you’ll be talking French like a pro before you know it!


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