My First Twitter Chat #SaskEdChat

My first twitter chat experience was overwhelming, but also very informative and I took away a lot of good information that was being talked about between the people participating in the #SaskEdChat. The topic that I participated in speaking about involved teachers helping students incorporate life skills into the classroom. Some answers I had involving this topic were:

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 5.32.04 PM

I received lots of positive feedback on my answers and got into deeper conversations with the people who also agreed with me. My goal is to try and participate in the #SaskEdChat every couple weeks to stay up to date with what is working in teacher’s classrooms and also some tips for me as a future educator. I think twitter chats are a great way to get your name out into the education community and also learn from other educators on what works for them as most of the people I conversed with in this chat have been educators or principals for 10+ years.

If anyone would like to speak about a certain topic regarding education or just have a chat about anything you can contact me on twitter here:



1 thought on “My First Twitter Chat #SaskEdChat

  1. Hey Parker,
    It appears you enjoyed Twitter Chats and saw the beneficial side of participating in the conversation. You mentioned how Twitter Chats are a great way to get your name into the education world and that is very true. Twitter and other social media platforms help bring teachers from all over Saskatchewan and the world together to brainstorm answers to questions which many professionals probably have. I have not participated in a Twitter Chat yet because of my crazy schedule but I have looked at the answers. I often find it overwhelming to discuss some topics because I simply have little experience in the classroom so it is hard to voice an opinion when I have only seen a topic from the student perspective versus the teachers’ perspective as well. Have you checked out other Twitter chats? Sometimes it’s fun to just follow the conversation on TweetDeck to see everyone’s thoughts and opinions on a topic.
    Until next time,


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