Digital Sleuthing Activity

I partnered with Kayla and Andrea once again for this group activity. I was assigned to do the Digital Sleuthing Activity to Andrea. A person’s social profile does not explain and define everything about themselves, as we have learned from reading “Split Image” by Kate Fagan. Though I do not know Andrea on a personal level, I did learn a lot about her from looking through her social network profiles. She has a professional identity on all of her social network sites and presents herself properly and is destined to get a great teaching job in the future. After watching “One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life” by Jon Ronson, it opened my eyes that once something is posted on the internet, it will always be there for anyone to view. One inappropriate post can cost someone their future today and though it is very scary, it is something we have to deal with and that is why we must act professional  at all times both in person and on the internet. Andrea did not have one single post or picture that would put her future into jeopardy, instead her social identity portrays her as someone smart, caring and dedicated to becoming an amazing teacher for years to come! Below is my Digital Sleuthing Exercise that I performed on Andrea, as well as the link if you would rather visit that, hope everyone enjoys!

Digital Sleuthing Exercise


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