Learning Project Wrap-Up!

Before working on this Learning Project, I did not know any French at all other than limited learning in elementary school. I now know common phrases on how to introduce myself and carry conversations as well as the knowledge to speak an entire biography on myself in the French Language. My autobiography voice recording is posted below for those who have not heard it yet:

wrap-up-post – Completed Autobiography Voice Recording

I used many tools and applications throughout this process that helped make it easier and understandable.The most useful one I used were:



Google Translate

These tools were amazing in helping me learn how to read, write and pronounce words and sentences in the French language. Below is the progress I made throughout the semester in writing out my autobiography:

This project taught me how to research and use online technology and tools to learn a new skill. I now feel much more confident in my ability to learn any new skill with the assistance of online technology. This new knowledge will help me in my last two years of classes but as well when I become a teacher.

This project also allowed me to learn the basics of a new language. I can provide my entire biography in French and have learned how to speak and write common conversational phrases which will be helpful if I ever travel to French speaking communities or if I ever teach French students.



How To Start & Continue Conversations in French

I have altered my last goal from simply having a conversation in French to providing information on the tools and technology that I used to learn common beginner French phrases that would help start and continue a conversation in this language. Along with the tools and technology I will share, I also documented some common phrases along with the English meaning beside them.



Google Translate

These sources were very beneficial to me throughout the semester and helped me achieve all of my goals. They all had their pros and cons though as some helped better with certain aspects. Google Translate was good for learning words, while Duolingo and the YouTube video helped more with learning the pronunciations.

I will now share with you 25 common beginner phrases in French that can help get you started if you are interested in learning this language. A benefit of learning French is that it expands your chances of finding a teaching job as you are now open and able to teach French classes and at French immersion schools. This is also beneficial to travelling and I believe it is nice to know your countries second language.

French English
Bonjour Hello
Salut Hi
Salut, Commet Ca Va? Hi, how are you?
Bonsoir Good evening
Bonne nuit Good night
Oui Yes
Non No
Je, m’appelle My name is
S’il vous plait Please
D’accord Ok
Exusez moi Excuse me
Merci Thank you
De rien You’re welcome
Il est quelle heure? What time is it?
Qu sont let toilettes? Where is the bathroom?
Enchante Nice to meet you
A bientot See you soon
A demain See you tomorrow
Au revoir Good bye
Bien sur Of course
Je peux utiliser? May I use?
Je suis desole I am sorry
Pourquoi Why
C’est vrai Really
Je ne comprends pas I don’t understand

Hope you all enjoyed, best of luck with the rest of the semester and finals! Au revoir.

Digital Poster (How to Write + Pronounce Numbers in French)

Hey everyone! After trying out a few digital poster websites, I found an awesome one to present my learning artefact for my learning project. The website and application I used was canva.

I dealt with numbers over the course of my learning project and thought it would be a good idea to present some of the most important numbers in the French language with everyone. I also gave a pronunciation of the number in French so you are able to sound it out as you read the poster. As you can see, the 10 numbers I chose are important in this language because they appear many times in the numbers 1-100 and once you memorize them, the rest becomes much easier. The picture on my poster shows this.

Hope you all enjoy and you gain some knowledge about numbers in the French language!



Learning Project Progression – Powerpoint

For this week’s post, we were assigned to use an application or tool to track our progress through our Learning Project. My first idea was to use an application called Book Creator, where you track your progress in a book style form. Unfortunately I lost my progress 3/4 through and decided that I would use something more simple that I knew would work since I did not have much time left. I chose to use Powerpoint as I have not used it yet this semester and is a simple application that is organized professionally. I had no trouble using it and was able to upload pictures with no problems.

My powerpoint contains the dates of the beginning-end of my learning project, some struggles that I faced while doing it and pictures of my progress through completing my French biography.

Below, I will present screenshots of my PowerPoint. Hope you all enjoy!

Ma biographie est complète

Hey everyone! After lots of hard work this week, I have finally completed my voice recording of my completed biography in French. While listening, you will notice that I take pauses, this is due to the fact that I am still learning this language and had to take it slowly to make sure I pronounced all the words properly and made it sound fluent. I had a ton of fun while completing my learning project and am looking forward to finishing my other section of it, which is my oral conversation in French with my girlfriend who is bilingual. I will present a English script of what we are saying along with the voice recording so you are able to follow along to the best of your ability. Here is my recording! When you click into the word document, right click on the picture of the speaker and select play to listen.

Finished Biography

Some struggles I faced while finishing my biography section of my learning project were:

  • Being able to pronounce the words properly and fluently without sounding like a robot
  • Learning the structure of sentences in the French language
  • Putting aside enough hours to complete the project weekly

Hope you guys enjoyed the recording and I hope to present my oral conversation in the upcoming weeks!

byronv2 Flickr via Compfight cc

Biography Completed.. On to the Next Goal!

Hey everyone! I have completed my goal and my biography is now finished. I have enjoyed my experience so far and hope to further it after this class and continue to learn the French language, with my goal to become bilingual. Now that my written biography is completed, my final goal for it is to be able to speak it fluently and provide a voice recording for you all to hear. After I am done with this, I will present my conversation portion of my learning project with my girlfriend, who is bilingual. My goal is to come up with a topic that we can converse on for 3-5 minutes in French. I will provide the written script of our conversation in English as well so you can follow along when listening. I have continued to use my most reliable resource in duolingo while finishing my biography as I find it to be the most understanding and helpful one so far.

Below I will share my completed biography in French. I will also provide my biography translated to English.

My biography translated to English says:

My name is Parker McCormick, I am twenty years old. I am in the faculty of education at the University of Regina. My family consists of four people. My mother Shara who is 50, father Mark who is 50, sister Morgan who is 23 and my dog Bailey who is 10. I grew up playing hockey and football. I also enjoy watching my favourite teams, the Buffalo Sabres and Oakland Raiders. My hobbies are travelling, listening to music and playing video games. Some of the places I’d like to travel to are Hawaii, Switzerland and Alaska. Learning French has been a very great experience for me. I hope to further my studies in the language and become bilingual. I hope you all enjoyed my biography and I will present a voice recording next week for you all to hear.

Midway through my project when I presented my voice recording, I had to spend lots of time learning how to speak what I had written down as the words almost never sound the way that they look. I have been slowly practicing how to speak it all while doing my written portion so that I am able to present it for you guys next week.

I hope you all have enjoyed my progress so far while learning these words and writing out my biography along with the voice recording I shared. I am excited to share my voice recording of my completed biography with you guys next week and will do my best to learn to fluently speak it throughout the rest of this week and the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!



Learning How to Pronounce French (Harder Than it Seems)

Hey everyone! Hope the break went well and you found time to catch up on all your work and spend time with your families and friends. This past week has been the toughest part of my learning project so far. I am still working on my voice recording of my complete biography as well as coming up with a conclusion for it. I have also begun the second part of my learning project, which is developing a conversation in French with another person that I will record and present to you guys. Some of the resources I have been using to help with my conversation section have been:

Resource #1

Resource #2

These resources are very good with grammar help and great for beginners. I have also continued to use duolingo as I find it to be my most helpful and reliable source for all I need to know to help me succeed with this new language.

My goal for next week is to present my completed biography with a written conclusion. After that, I will focus solely on my voice recording and my conversation portion and then provide that. Thanks for stopping by!

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